Whether it's a live shoot for a national news organization, or traveling the globe to film a major network television show, our crews can deliver production value like no one else. From directors of photography and field producers to audio technicians and make-up artists, our staff will meet and exceed your expectations.
- - "Their work is outstanding... It far surpassed my expectations" Tony DiSanto, Vice President of Production MTV.
Our crew packages range from a one day, one person video shoot to a 30 person film crew. Thaler Films can accommodate any project, any budget, anywhere. See
Shows we Crew for a partial list of programming we shoot.

Film Packages :: Video Packages :: Shows we Crew

Our film packages can be custom built to meet any budget. Below are some standard combinations of equipment and crew. 35mm Arriflex 535B or 16mm Arriflex 16 SR-3 available in either studio configuration or hand held "run and gun"

  • Arriflex 535B 20-100mm Cooke T 3.1

  • Arriglow Ground Glass

  • Sliding Base Plate

  • Super Wide Angle Eyepiece

  • 2 Power Cables

  • 1, 26.4v Battery

  • Camera Body

  • Arriflex 16 SR-3 10-100mm Zeiss T 2

  • Crystal Speed Control (5-75FPS)

  • Sliding Base Plate

  • PL Lens Mount

  • Hand Grip

  • 2 Power Cables

  • Two, 12v on-board battery and charger

Our Packages Include:
  • Camera

  • Lenses

  • 2 Magazines

  • Batteries

  • Tripod

  • Director of Photography

  • Camera Assistant

Rates: (Based on a 10hr Day)
  • 35mm Camera PKG and Crew $2,725 *

  • 6mm Camera PKG and Crew $2,375 *

* These rates give you a base to work from. Please call us for a detailed quote.

Our Beta Packages include:

  • Sony BVW-400 or 600, Betacam SP Camera

  • Satchler 18P Tripod

  • Fujinon A15x8 Lens

  • Chrosziel Matte Box

  • Sony 8040Q Monitor

  • Full Tungsten Arri Lighting PKG / Chimeras, (Walking Soft Box)

  • HMI Lighting - Arri Sun Pocket Par AC/DC

  • Shure 33a Field Mixer

  • Lectrosonic Wireless Microphones

  • Tram lavaliere microphones

  • Sennheiser boom microphones

  • Hand microphones 635 and RE50

  • Complete Grip PKG - C-stands, arms, flags, 6X6 frames w/ silks and nets, AC cords, audio and BNC cables

  • IFB and phone kits for live productions

  • Two-way radios

  • Basic Makeup


  • 2-Person-ENG/EEP Beta SP Camera Crew ( 10 hour Day Portal to Portal ) $1,550.00

  • 1-Person-ENG/EEP Beta SP Camera Crew ( 10 hour Day Portal to Portal ) $1075.00

  • Field Producer's Fee per day
    (with Camera Crew Package ) $450.00

  • Overtime 2 Person Crew per hour $142.50

  • Overtime 1 Person Crew per hour $90.00

  • Cancellation within the last 23 hours 85%

  • Cancellation within the last 16 hours 100%

  • Sony 30min (tape stock) per tape $20.00

  • Mileage $.35 (per mile)

  • Fujinon A10x4.8 Super Wide Lens
    $200.00 per day

  • HMI Lighting - Arri Sun Pocket Par AC/DC 125.00 per day

  • Jimmy Jim System
    (added to camera package per day) $400.00

  • Jimmy Jib System
    (w/o camera package per day 2 man crew) $1,250.00

  • Call for DV & HD Camera Crew Rates

  • CBS - Big Brother

  • ABC - Extreme Makeovers, The Family

  • HBO - Sex & the City

  • MTV- Crib Crashers, True Life

  • VH1- Total Access- How the Stars Get Hot

  • Style Network- The Look For Less, Style Star, Fashion Week

  • E! Entertainment- True Hollywood Stories, E! News, It's good to be.

  • WE - John Edward Cross Country

  • Fox Sports - Best Damn Sports Show Period, 54321, National Sports Report

  • Discovery Channel - Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

  • Food Network - Food Fight

  • PBS - Keeping Kids Healthy

  • ESPN - Cold Pizza

Broadcast Clients:
  Style Network     
  E! Entertainment               
  Fox Sports           
  Discovery Channel 
  Food Network 
Corporate Clients:
  The Masters Circle 
  John Edward Cross Country 
  Oheka Castle 
  BRIDES Magazine 
  Dress For Success     
  Le Parker Meridian               
  The Miracle Foundation 
  Making Memories Foundation 
  The Rivington House 
  Stony Brook University 
Film & Commercial Clients:
  Titleist Golf 
  Pepe Jeans 
  The New York Jets 
  The New York Islanders     
  The New Jersey Nets               
  Cohen's Fashion Optical           
The Studio:
Our Studio houses four online Final Cut HD editing rooms, 3 production offices, and a full sized HD screening room with wide screen projection and Dolby Digital sound. Studio A is 1000 sq ft with a 12x35x17 ft green screen cyclorama. Studio B is a 600 sq ft. daylight studio.  Our studio also has a wardrobe/ make-up area, wireless internet access, and a kitchen. Thaler Films can transmit and receive Satellite feeds with use of our local Satellite truck.
Thaler Films develops documentary style programming that today's viewers demand with budgets that networks understand.  We are continually developing relationships with networks across the country to produce quality programming that works. Whether you have an idea for a new show or are looking for programming for your network we have a solution for you.
Our Services:
Thaler films is a full service production company. We can assist you with any part of your production or handle the entire process for you. Listed below is a partial list of the services and staff we can provide.
Budgeting / Accounting
Field Production - Formats include - 35mm, S16mm,
Digital BetaCam, BetaCam SP, DV Cam, HD.
Make-up Artists / Hair Stylists
Audio Technicians - Analog and Digital field recording
Directors of Photography
Camera assistants
Teleprompter Operators
Production Assistants
Satellite or Microwave remote transmission
Contact Us:
Thaler Films

Marcus Blvd.

Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone: 631-851-2000
Fax: 631-851-2020
Directions To Our Studio:
Take the L.I.E. (495) to exit 55 Motor Pkwy (from the west make a left at light, make a right at light if heading from the east. Continue on Motor Pkwy until your 4th light. Make a right onto Marcus Blvd and continue through your 1st light (Oser Ave.) We are the 3rd building on your right after Oser Ave. There is a big red stripe along the top of the building.