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Meet The FilmMakers 

Filmmakers.  It's who we are.

Christopher and David Thaler shot their first film in the summer of 1982 (Christopher 10 and David 15) - It was a stop motion short about a Radio Flyer wagon with a life of its own - ever since that summer the Thaler brothers have committed themselves to the art of film making - their journey began in network news - shooting and editing  news, sports and entertainment packages gave the brothers an excellent foundation for documentary production and due to the fast paced nature and deadlines of television news they developed an understanding and appreciation for production value.  While working full time in the television industry the brothers studied film at NYU and in May of 1996 launched Thaler Films a full service production company with studios on Long Island - The Brothers have acquired a long and prestigious list of clients in the corporate, broadcast and commercial worlds and they attribute that success to their creative and passionate commitment to production.  Both brothers have won many film and television awards including multiple Emmy awards for cinematography, editing and producing.


Christopher and David know what engaging content is all about. Since 1996, they've produced everything from broadcast media to web series to award winning documentaries. Their expertise in writing, directing, cinematography and editing allows them to bring a unique, cinematic perspective to every project they touch.  


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